2017-2018 MSABC Board Members

President – Jason Herbolsheimer
Vice President for Membership – Cece Roiter
Vice President for Fundraising – Don Larsen
Vice President for Volunteers – Carol Flynn
Treasurer – Bob Braun
Secretary –  Lisa Helvey
Teams Liaison – Chad Larrick
Members at Large

  • Teena Alberts
  • Kelly Balkovec
  • Holly Denton
  • Scott Eastridge
  • Sarah Herbolsheimer
  • Turk Mully
  • Melissa Wagner

Duties of the Board:

President: The MSABC Board President is responsible for organization leadership.  He/she coordinates all meetings and is the prime contact between the Board and the Millard South High School Administration.

Vice President for Membership: The MSABC Vice President for Membership is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the annual membership drive.

Vice President for Fundraising: The MSABC Vice President for Fundraising is responsible for coordinating all fundraising events.

Vice President for Volunteers: The MSABC Vice President for Volunteers is responsible for recruiting, assembling and coordinating all volunteers necessary to the success of the Booster Club.

Secretary: The MSABC Secretary is responsible for the production and distribution of all communication necessary for the successful operation of the Booster Club.

Treasurer: The MSABC Treasurer is responsible for producing an accurate accounting of all Booster Club activities; maintaining the organization’s status as a 503(c)3 not-for-profit organization; and annual tax reports.