Section VIII of the MSABC Constitution and Bylaws –  Elections

a.  Nominations for officers of the MSABC shall be gathered by a Nominating Committee appointed by the President at the regular January meeting of the Board of Directors.  The committee shall secure agreement from each nominee to serve prior to submitting his/her name for consideration at the March meeting.

b. The regular March meeting of the Board of Directors will be open to the general membership, as full voting members.  Notification to the general membership clarifying their eligibility to vote for the new officers shall be made at least five (5) business days prior to the March meeting.

c. At the March Election of New Officers Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall present its nominations for each of the officer positions, and any additional nominations from persons who are present and agree to serve will be included on the ballot.

d. Once the ballot is formed, all active members present shall be authorized to vote.  The Secretary and one other person will be charged with tabulating the votes.  New officers shall be elected by receiving the most votes.

e. If there are multiple candidates for a given office, and in the view of the President a run-off election is warranted, he/she may authorize a second ballot to confirm the winner.

f. The announcement of the new Board of Directors shall be immediate, and the outgoing officers shall do everything in their power to assist in a smooth transition of responsibilities.

g. All new officers shall officially be installed at the regular April meeting of the MSABC Board of Directors.

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